Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Part 5 – Conclusion

("Non-Vegan 'Food' & Child Pornography: A former victim of child sexual abuse makes a screaming plea for help")
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If you also want to advocate veganism by comparing child porn and non-vegan food, I won't be offended by this, even if you were never sexually abused. In fact, I will be honoured if you make this comparison. If the pain I went through can help stop someone else's pain, then it will be worth it. Clouds rarely come with pre-packaged silver linings. We need to draw our own silver linings in life, and this article I have written is my attempt to draw mine. By using the child porn analogy you will help make my silver lining even bigger; and the more people who use it, the bigger it will be, until perhaps it will become a giant mass of beauty glowing so brightly the cloud at the center is barely even visible.

Links to Appendixes:
Appendix 1 (7 day vegan meal plan):
Appendix 2 (vegan food guide):
Appendix 3 (health benefits of veganism):

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